Sugar India provides sugar sticks, sachets and blisters, exclusively packed with sugar which is made according to international standards. This helps you create a customer base, as you are giving your name to every customer that comes to you. Our Personalized Sachets will help them distinguish you from the other brands. The small sachet with your company logo will be an added on factor in your corporate style.

Sachet Customization

The need of customized sachets isn’t limited to the hoteliers, you can get personalized sachets for your company, studio, boutique or even a family wedding for that matter. They can have your name, logo, label or even a simple signature. The sachets / sticks can be designed according to your requirements. A small piece of sugar sachet can be converted into an advertising material and an element of corporate style as well. They do not only create name recognition, but also impresses the customers with the unique idea. They are competitive as compared to the regular sugar sachets, and provide marketing at the same time.

Our sugars are recognized for their consistent quality, high purity levels and superior flavour, often contributing to a ‘clean label solution’ for manufacturers. They are non-GMO and suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.