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Product Description

Fine crystals of Dhampure’s Caster sugar dissolve easily and are ideal for making crisp melt-in-the-mouth meringues, puddings, beverages, jellies and light cake mixes. Its fine sugar crystals incorporate more air than other types of sugar. Dhampure’s Caster sugar is perfect for adding volume to a baking mixture & is a must for recipes where it is beneficial for the sugar to melt and caramelize quickly and spread evenly.

It works for recipes which call for short cooking times. Being a superfine sugar, it can be used as a dry topping & is often sprinkled over fruit salads or baked goods for a light dusting finish.

Castor Sugar: 500g x2 = 1000g
Sugar Cube: 350g x2 = 700g
Net Weight: 1700g

Additional Information

Weight 1700 g


Store in cool, dry conditions. Avoid extremes of temperature. To avoid clumping and help retain freshness, store granulated sugar in a covered container in a dry environment. Do not refrigerate. Due to the fine crystal size, some small lumps may occur, but should separate easily.


Energy Per serving Per 100g
68 kJ 1700 kJ
16 Cal 407 Cal
Protein 0g 0g
Fat – total 0g 0g
Saturated 0g 0g
Total 4g 100g
Sugars 4g 100g


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