Prep. Time

30 mins

Cooking Time

35 mins


3 to 4




  • Wheat flour, 500g
  • DHAMpure Gur 300g
  • 2-3 Cardamom, coarsely powdered
  • Edible gum (gond), 1 Tbsp
  • Desiccated coconut, 1 Tbsp
  • Water, 150ml Ghee, 75g
  • Lowfat saturated fat butter or canola oil, 75g Ghee


1- Heat ghee in a frying pan and fry eatable gum lightly to golden brown color.

2- Keep aside. Take some ghee and butter (oil) in a wok.

3- Add aata and cook until it is golden brown. At this stage it will emit a sweet aroma.

4- Mix cardamom powder and leave aside. Break DHAMpure Gur in to pieces and dissolve in water.

5- Let it boil until it becomes syrup of 2 threads (chashni).

6- Add the aata of step 4 to the syrup DHAMpure Gur and stir well.

7- Transfer in a large flat plate and let it spread and set.

8- Garnish with gond and coconut. Spread gond and coconut on the set burfi (when it is still warm) and press with spoon or small bowl.

9- Cut pieces of about 2 inch square shape.